Bozz Speed Hood Scoops


bozzprimertop Bozz Speed Hood bonnet Blisters. I found these on ebay for half of the normal price. From Japan they cost $400 bux. Here they are just fiberglass. This was my first real world lesson in paint work. I sanded them properly.
bozzwtbottom Here is a shot of the bottom side. They bolt right into place.
bozzprimertop I used a black primer and wet sanded it.
Hoodscoopbottom Here it is on the car. View from bottom side of hood.
Hoodscoop2 I chose to go gloss black. The color works well with my other black accents. Plus matching the panama green pearl would have been much harder.
hoodsccopfe You do have to buy new rubber seals from mitsu.
hoodscoops Full Hood shot. You can feel the heat escaping from these very well.