Blitz Dual Turbo Timer

  Carbon Filber Pedal Covers from NOPI Blitz Dual Turbo Timer in shown in its old location. I have since put it in the center console.... Read More

Custom Main Gauge Face Plates

I will try to detail it for you so that maybe I can save you some of the headaches. 1. Remove two screws on top. The black molding has two ... Read More

Dual Get A/F Gauges

EGT (exhaust gas temperature) Probe drilled and mounted on top of the exhaust manifold. EGT location of sensor on front turbo ... Read More

Pedal Covers And Shift Boots

OK so its a bit rice, but as long as I am having fun. 😛 Remove the shift knob pull the boot off. Now mark the new boot with the groo... Read More

The Cockpit

The cockpit!!!The work has just begun. notice the Palm datalogger.It provides incredible data. I love it. The cockpit! at night. The ... Read More