Custom Main Gauge Face Plates

I will try to detail it for you so that maybe I can save you some of the headaches.

baredash 1. Remove two screws on top. The black molding has two metal clips that will release when you pull on the molding. Drop your steering wheel down.

2. Rather that unscrewing the two button pods on each side just remove the wiring harness. Big time saver!!!

blkopen 3. Use a magnetic phillips head screw driver to remove the 4 screws holding the main gauge pod in.

4. Pull on the pod from both sides. It has 3 data plug-in areas that will release. Tilt the bottom toward you and maneuver it out of the dash.

blkbezel 5. The plastic covers are held in by plastic tabs. Some may break off due to age, but you can glue them back on.
6. Then there are two tiny screws on each face. The needles pull straight off. The fun part is getting the needles back on correctly.
finalgauges 7. After you are finished with the new faces. Then install the pod with the face plates off. When you turn the car on put the tach and spedo needles on at the 0 mark. The fuel gauge is still a mystery to me. I finally got it back on the right way. I swear I put it back the exact way I found it. Put it back on the way you found it and then fill your gas tank full. Then see if the needle is correct. If not then pull it off and set it back down, just pushing it over does not seem to work. You can check your spedo by testing it on the road. If your active aero activates at the 50 Mph mark then you are doing fine.
newgauges I scanned the old faces and then redesigned the look. I then printed them on ink jet transparency film.
This mod was not as easy as it may seem. The gauge pod it self was not the most fun to take apart. Then you have to make two masks. A white one and a black one. The white one is so the white areas are white and not just light bulb shinning straight through. The black one is necessary due to the fact that the transparency film is thinner that the original face.