Pedal Covers And Shift Boots

PedalPadsRedandboots4 OK so its a bit rice, but as long as I am having fun. 😛
shiftbootredmarking Remove the shift knob pull the boot off. Now mark the new boot with the grooves for the base ring.
shiftebootredinside Pull of the factory e-boot . Turn it inside out and fasten with a new zip tie.
shiftebootred Then fold back the correct direction.
shiftebootoffcar The e-boot came off easier than I expected. It just pulls off. Twist the handle foward and off it will come.
shiftbootsred7 New boots in place.
PedalPadsRed Here are the new pedal covers. They are the Matrix brand. They are larger and have better grip I think than stock. Good for autoX.
PedalPadsRedback This is what the backs of the pedal covers look like.
PedalPadsRed3 Here are the new pedal covers installed.