Ram Air Scoop

Ramairboltedon This is the assembled unit bolted on the car. It riveted some brackets on part of a dryer vent and put them where the aeropackage has some access panels. I then ran two hoses from each side.
Ramairbrakehose One of the hoses on each side goes to the brakes.
RamAirhoseatMAS The other hose runs under the intake element. A drop of 21deg F is a very nice number. On a side note I noticed my open BOV would heat the intake air by about 9deg F for a couple of seconds. 😛
RamAirhosefrontdetail I had such good results I decided to add yet another hose on the front. It also has a temperature sensor. Do they work? Check the numbers below for my test results. I used the pocket logger to get the MAS temps.