Front Sway Bar

subframeoutwholecar This is a working shot when the subframe was out. Mine was bent and needed replacing before the front end would come into normal alignment. While I was in there I put on Larger Sanor brand anti-sway bars, new tie rod ends and new balls joints. Plus I had to straighten my strut perches.
Swaybarcomparison Here is the front bar size comparison.
subframecentermember Jack car up and remove wheels. Remove the center subframe cross member and the downpipe. I put the two jack stands on the out edge of the leading frame member just to the sides of this picture. See pic one.
subframebraket Another Subframe bracket.
transfercase Remove the transfer case. Some oil will come out of the end. And if you tilt it to far you will have a bit of a mess. Have some new gear oil ready for when you reinstall.
swaybarfrontbracket Here is a shot of the old sway bar and its bracket. Notice the torn tie rod boot. It was worn bad. Very loose steering.
Subframeboltsout Same angle minus the lower bracket.
controlarmbackholes The control arms have these four bolts and one long one in the middle.
tierodendfull The control arms is down and the sway bar end links are off.
Subframebolts Here is a shot of the subframe with the sway bar fully exposed.
rearcatandsubframe Here is a middle shot of the old sway bar minus the down pipe.
steeringlines3 Here is a shot of the old sway bar out and the new bracket test fit.
subframeout Here is a shot of the entire subframe out.
subframewithsteeringrack Here is the newer subframe cleaned and painted. I have also installed the new tie rod ends. See another page for those details. The new sway bar is at the bottom of the pic. The install was a piece of cake from this angle. 😛
spindlesanstrut Here is a shot of the new sway bar in place. Normally you would see a strut here but I was working on that also. Do not fully tighten the sway bar brackets as you will need to center the bar up a bit from side to side.
swaybarfrontmount Here is a shot of the new sway bar and its bracket. I was lucky and had no problems with the bolts at all. However the tighter you get the bolt on the top side the less room you have to keep a grip on it. It is a tight fit.
swaybarendlinknewon Here is a shot of the new sway bar end links. This is the way they seemed to fit the best.I have noticed two things since the install. One is that I can seem to take corners about 15% to 20% faster and the new polyurethane bushings do translate more vibration into the car.