H&R Springs

hrlogo H&R Springs.
srpingcomparison2 They lower the car about 1.5″ and they give you much more stability and less body roll in the corners. Overall I am very happy with them. They really do make a huge difference in your cars handling. Here is a comparison shot. The factory spring is on the right.
springs2 H&R Sales Copy
For more than twenty years H&R Springs has established a proven heritage of unsurpassed industry respect and customer confidence. Built on the foundation principles of superior quality, true performance and reliable service, H&R is the unquestioned authority in the highly competitive spring market.
HRsprings3 It all begins with top German craftsmanship. From durability tested, premium wire materials to specifically designed procedures which guarantee precision manufacturing, H&R provides a well-engineered, durable product that ensures a consistent and trouble-free driving experience.

In an extremely competitive market quality springs that last are a must. 100% of H&R Springs meet or exceed ISO 9001 standards: no other spring manufacturer can make this claim!