13g Turbos Thermal Coated

Stock TD04 turbos upgraded to 13G's By Turbo Specialties and heat coated by HPC. Turbo Specialties did a great job and they went ou... Read More

3000GT Lightweight Underdrive Pulley

Ran a lightweight underdrive pulley on the VR4 for a while. They say its good for about 10 horsepower. It only weighed 1 pound 11 ounces..... Read More

ALamo Y-Pipe

Alamo Steel Intake Y-Pipe Powder Coated Black. Very easy mod and if you have problems with your stock unit blowing off at high boost then th... Read More

Atr Downpipe

My ATR downpipe shown with testpipe wrapped in DEI heat wrap. Just say no to cats. I ATR downpipe compared to the stock downipe.I ATR... Read More

Blow off Valve Block Off

If you remove your recirculating blow off valve then you will be left with a hole in your stock intake piping. You will have to find a plug of some so... Read More

Clutch Vaccum Line Replace Or Removal

There are two options with your cluctch assist parts. 1. Remove the hard line and replace with a silicone line. or 2. Get rid off it all. He... Read More

Dyna Batt Dry Cellbttery

Here is the shot with the battery tray removed. The Dyna Batt weights 13.5 lbs. Its a dry cell so no splashing. Great for autocross. ... Read More

Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade

SX Fuel Pressure regulator 15404 Mounted to the firewall where the stock one was. 10an Fuel Lines. Fuelrail ends and loop by e... Read More

HKS Intake

HKS Twin Stack Intake open air filter. Out of car. The HKS Stikers add 15 CFM of more Flow. Back end view of the MAS sans ... Read More

HKS Ssbov

HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve. Box Pics HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve. Box Pics Open to Atmosphere. This is hot ... Read More

K & N Intake

K&N Style intake open air filter. This is actually a larger unit than the charts list. I am no longer using this filter but its still a great refe... Read More

Krank Vent PCV Valves

Krank Vent PCV replacement parts. $112 bux per set for 3si.org members. The ET Performance website lists it under the Starion and Ferrari ki... Read More

Manual Boost Controller

Spring loaded ball bering Manual Boost controller. It was a good system, better than a bleeder valve. You can change the springs out to change the boo... Read More

Oil Filter Cooling Jacket

Aluminum Oil Filter Cooling Jacket $16 from JC Whitney. Read More

RC 50CC Injectors

This is the set of six RC 550cc fuel injectors. When working be sure to cover your intake. Be sure to get new O-rings. You can use a ... Read More