Clutch Vaccum Line Replace Or Removal

clutchvacuumhardline There are two options with your cluctch assist parts. 1. Remove the hard line and replace with a silicone line. or 2. Get rid off it all.
Here we see the factory hard line. It is always in the way when working on the intake hoses. You can replace it with a 10mm silcone hose if you like.
clutchvacuumsiliconeline Here is the new hose in place. It runs from the firewall down to the front side of the tranny to the vacuum canister in the next picture.
Clutchvacumcanistor2 This shot is from the passenger wheel well. The active aero package is also removed. This hunk of metal does little more than hold vacuum to help you push the clutch pedal you girly man. 😛
Clutchvacumcanistorout Good riddance to 4.3 lbs. If you have upgraded your clutch pressure plate you really won’t feel any more difference in the pedal.