Dyna Batt Dry Cellbttery

batterytrayout Here is the shot with the battery tray removed.
dynaBattbatonfloor The Dyna Batt weights 13.5 lbs. Its a dry cell so no splashing. Great for autocross. The downside is the reserve capacity is lower than a regular battery. All that means is you can’t run things without the car being on for a shorter time. But saving 25lbs is worth it. I put some new post ends with rubber boots on it.
dynabatttie1 Here it is mounted to the battery tray. This is a good time to repaint the tray also.
dynabattwtiedown2 Side view of the mounting. I drilled new holes for the mounting of the universal hold down kit.
metalbattboltvsnylonbo I used nylon bolts versus metal. Saved like only 4 ounces but cost like $2 more. 😛
dynabattincar Here it is back in the car. I am now using a Hawker 925 Dry cell battery.