Krank Vent PCV Valves

krankventparts Krank Vent PCV replacement parts. $112 bux per set for members. The ET Performance website lists it under the Starion and Ferrari kit. I sent a pirintable pic to Ted at ET Perf, and he might include that when he sells these kits to future buyers.
krankventbeforesmall The stock PCV and short line.
krankventsmallerspot Pull of the factory line. You need some very long nose needle pliers or I used some forceps that worked great to get that lower clip. I loosened the fuel rail for some extra room.
krankventmetricfitting Thanks to Roger Gerl for sending these special Metric fittings to the US. You can get them from Travis by sending him $5 via paypal. His email address is. F27Corsair@hotmail.comSome guys just drilled out the factory PCV valve but ran into many headaches in doing so.
krankventbeforebighose Here is my second line going back into the intake before the large vent was installed.To the curious; this routing system is why we get some oil residue in the intake system! Soon I am going to install a catch can.
krankventsone2/td> New vents in place. The smaller hose is 8mm and the larger hose is 10mm.
krankventson1 New vents in place different angle. Note later I had to trim a 1/2 inch off the smaller line. If you look close you can see a small kink. This actually hampered the line and I built up too much pressure in the crankcase and popped my dipstick out. Once I fixed the kink all was well.Also note that one two cars I installed it on the idle speed picked up due to more flow. And your idle might lean out some. Both conditions are verified with Ted at ET Perf.