RC 50CC Injectors

550ccinjectorsoncar This is the set of six RC 550cc fuel injectors. When working be sure to cover your intake.
Fuelinjector550cu Be sure to get new O-rings. You can use a bit of chapstick to help the new rings seal and stay still.
FuelRailfiledown To insure a nice snug fit, file the ends of the rail down just a hair. A lot of guys compain about the fit and this is the fix. Thanks to my bud James for the tip and the install help.
Fuelrailfront Here is a shot with the plenum and the fuel rail back in place. The injector harness is still off. The 550s brought my IDC from 114% on the stockers at 15lbs to 85% at 17lbs on my 13G trim turbos.