SMC Steel Braided Brake Lines

brakelinesnew New SMC Brake lines. $195 bux per set. These are very nice lines, the steel braded line is protected by a rubber ourter coating. There are 4 pair.

These lines do make a noticable feel. You will love them.

brakelinesstock Take off the wheel. And view the stock lines. Shoot with your favorite penetrating spray.
brakelineremovalhands Use two wrenches one to hold the line and one to turn the brass fitting.
brakelinebrassend You have to remove the retaining clips. Squeeze them with pliers to flatten a bit for removal and then rebend them when putting them back on. The brass end fittings are soft and may provide some resistance. Get a pair of vice grips ready.
brakelinemetalline I would recommend replacing all 4 factory metal lines. They are soft and may start to strip see photo above. The part numbers are MB366135, MB366136, MB699708, MB699709 – They are $3each from a dealer who gives discounts.
New lines in place. Rear
New lines in place.Front
Notice when removing dust shield you can attach the ABS line clip along with the other one.
brakelinesnewrearright New lines in place. Rear
Remeber to bleed the system! I used the new Valvoline half synthetic DOT 4. It mixes with reular DOT 3 and DOT 4 yet is rated the same boiling point as DOT 5 fliuds. And it costs less than DOT 5!