3000GT Ball Joint Repalcement


Is your 3000gt or stealth not driving in a straight line? Does it seem to walk with every little ridge in the road? You most likely need to replace your ball joints! As you may have already found out Mitsubishi and Dodge will not sell the ball joints individually, they want to sell you the entire control arm for several hundred dollars each.
The Part you need is Moog K9855 or its equivalent TRW 104-244 another equivalent is the NAPA ATM 1013408. This part number is actually for a 1995-98 Hyundai Sonata.

I have heard they will fit all models of the dodge stealth and 3000gt 91 to 99.

You will have to press the old ball joint out of the control arm and then press the new one back in and press the rubber boot onto the joint.

I had a shop press the new one in, but you can buy a ball joint press or rent one from certain autoparts stores.

Separating the ball joint from the spindle with a tapered fork destroys the boot and possibly damages the joint, but that doesn’t matter since it is being replaced anyway.

This is a lot of work but the results are great. You will love they way your car handles after this repair.