Hood Heat Shield

hoodheatshielddam This is what you get when your Y-pipe blows off. Plus it had 9 years of age to boot. My temporary fix was some aluminum tape.
hoodsansheatshield The cost is about $32 if I remember correctly. That is for the cardboard part only. The metal plate is about another $30. You just remove the holding pins with a pair of pliers. Be sure to have your hand over them. They have a tendency to shoot out of your pliers. When you don’t do that get your big magnet out and go searching in the yard. 😛
paintinghoodhspins Take the hood pins and place them on a cardboard backing and paint them the color of your choice. I went black. Plus I painted the light housing while I was at it. Put two good coats on.
hoodnewheatshield Ta-Da the new look. Take the metal plate and clean it real well before you put the whole thing back on.