Active Aero In The Wind Tunnel

airdamwindtunnel A 3 S/I Member in Russia put his car in a windtunnel for testing. Here are his findings. The translation is a bit rough but you will get the idea.

The role of the front/leading spoiler of system To active Aero needs explanation. Descending/omitting, it intercepts/detaches the part of air flow, which passes under the bottom of automobile. This creates rarefaction/evacuation under the machine and also is reduced lift.

tailupwindtunnel After pushing of knob to active Aero also of the transfer/translation of spoiler and anti-wing into the high-speed position lift decreased still stronger. The most precise weights of wind tunnel showed that the front of machine only is unloaded at the high speed, and tail end, on the contrary, a little is forced against road. But the summary aerodynamic lift, which acts on Mitsubishi 3000 GT with the activated packet to active Aero, proved to be equal to zero!
tailupwindtunnel The beneficial influence of aerodynamic packet on the running qualities Of Mitsubishi 3000 GT is perceived also after the control. The automobile with the activated system To active Aero less will yaw at the high speed and it better holds the predetermined trajectory. But with the aid of our measuring complex of data we could be convinced of the fact that a release/issue of spoiler and an increase in the angle of attack of anti-wing did not not a bit decrease the value of the maximum speed of automobile.


The test shows that at high speed the front of the car becomes “lighter” and the rear becomes “heavier”. But the total value of UP- and DOWN-forces with Active Aero ON is zero!
The left cars are with Active Aero OFF.The cars in the right are with Active Aero ON.
The upper cars are at 144 kmh (90 mph), the lower cars are at 200 kmh(125 mph).

Cx=0.390 (Active Aero off).
Cx=0.389 (Active Aero on).