Braking Advice

Some good braking advice.

I found that KVR PERFORMANCE in Canada was quite helpful and budget oriented. I’ve had my KVR cross drilled cadmium plated rotors since May of 1998 and have put over 30,000 miles on them – they are great! NOT once have I had to cut them. NO warpage whatsoever – even after 30,000 miles! I also had ordered their Carbon fiber brake pads at the time.

Appling the brakes smoothly but slowly gradually bringing it down from 140 burns the brakes up in a New York minute. It’s easier on the brakes to apply them hard over a shorter distance. They teach you that at a Porsche/BMW drivers school.

BTW, all you drag racers and street racers might want to attend a drivers school for your own protection. If you are going to be doing 140 on the highway, you should (1) upgrade your brakes and suspension and (2) learnhow to brake. Might save your life some day.