Can I Do A Turbo Conversion To My NA?

Can I do a twin turbo conversion to my NA model?

Sadly not without a lot of parts and a lot of work. All of the intake and exhaust is different. Plus there is the intercoolers and piping. However several guys have done it. You can check for all the details. The sad reality is that a lot of people who bought one with this in mind will not. Of those that do about half will have their car blow up, due to the fact the NA pistons can not hold as much boost pressure as the TT model. So for the all trouble I would just find a factory twin turbo model. BElow is just a starter for the parts you would need for the conversion.

manifolds from a turbo car (2) front and rear are different.
turbos from a turbo car (2) front and rear are different.
Precatalytic convertor from a turbo car(2) front and rear are different.
Downpipe from a turbo car

All rubber and hard piping from a turbo car
Intercoolers from a turbo car. (2) left and right are different
Upper plenum from a turbo car.
Blow off valve

Front motor mount from a turbo car

Oil pan on the NA needs to be re-worked to accept oil drain lines from the turbosOil housing from a turbo car
Oil cooler from a turbo car
Oil lines for turbos (2) feed and (2) return lines (get new ones from a dealership. don’t cheap out on this.)

Water Housing from a turbo car
Coolant lines to turbos dealer or turbo car
Radiator from a turbo car

fuel pump from a turbo car
fuel injectors from a turbo car
fuel injector resistor pack from a turbo car

Boost Gauge
DataLogger to monitor knock, narrowband O2s, and other variables.

Boost control:
run nipple on Y-pipe to a TEE, then to each wastegate actuator (about 6 lbs boost)
manual or electronic boost contoller (user configurable 6 lbs and up)

Either: (rewiring will be neccesary either way)
ECU from a turbo car
Piggyback to re-configure NA ECU
Both turbo ECU and piggy back to get the car running well with the correct amount of timing.

NOTE: for a NA engine with turbos strapped on it, you will NEED a piggyback, as the turbo ECU is configured for 8 to 1 compression, but the timing maps are better for forced induction on the turbo ECU.