Mitsubishi Company History


Mitsubishi, which literally means “three diamonds,” was founded in the 1870s but it was not until 1917 that this Japanese company entered the automobile business. The company first produced Model A, a series production passenger vehicle–the first of its kind in Japan. Efforts for a large-scale production of passenger vehicles were hampered by World War II but Mitsubishi succeeded in doing so beginning in 1964. By 1970, the Mitsubishi Motor Corp. (MMC) was created from this automobile-making branch of Mitsubishi. 2006 marked the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Mitsubishi Motors operations in the American market in 1981. From the first car (sold in 1981). Mitsubishi built its first vehicle in the U.S.A. in 1988. The company entered into an alliance with Daimler Chrysler in 2000 but the two parted ways in 2005. The dodge stealth came from that alliance. In 1991 Motor Trend took note. They made the 3000GT their Import Car of the Year!