NGK Spark Plugs & Magnecore Wires

The plugs should be gapped a little tighter anywhere from .028-.034. The max psi you should run with stock turbos is between 15-17 peak. It will go down to 8 by the time you hit redline. If you run any more than that, you will be thrown off your cloud 11 or 12 whatever you are on, and fall face first flat on the ground when you realize you lean out and blew your motor. =)

I gapped and installed my double platinum NGK’s to .034 about 30,000 miles ago. They are still just fine for my 15 psi peak boost. You can be a little more conservative and use a narrower gap but your gas mileage will suffer.

With the stock fuel system, do not go above 15 psi. Roger Gerl on the Tech List has done numerous dyno tests (4WD dynos are abundant over-seas) as well as performed many measurements with the Todd Day Datalogger. He has measured knock at boost of 1.05 kg/cm^^2 (just over 15 psi) around 5800 RPM. He has recently reported knock at 1.10 around 4800 RPM while experimenting with water injection. So basically you are gambling with your engine if you run over 15 psi with a fairly stock engine setup. Last year Roger damaged several pistons because of knock/detonation by running 17 psi during extended Autobahn runs.

“Laser Platinum, premium spark plugs” they are NGK’s and their part number is PFR6J-11, stock no. 2743. Those are the right plugs! for your VR-4

Magnecore Wires

If you think about it, the wire(s) can not increase HP. The wire don’t add anything, but rather return what is possible. If you get the spark the plug was designed to produce then you have maximum HP. Bad wires reduce the spark (or none, misfire) and create static (electromagnetic leaking).

Think of it this way: If you have a 100 watt bulb, then that is the max that the bulb can produce, however, if you put extra fine wire to it (or resistant wire), the bulb will appear dim. The second hazard is the wire will overheat further reducing its capacity to carry current, and finally it will burn out.

I have put cheap wires on a car before and could actually see them glow(at night), produced from the leaking current. The wire were literally shorting out against the engine right though the wire casing. Can you say dangerous! Also, you want to talk about radio static, you could barely hear the music.

The goal of a good wire is to be able to carry the desired current, and prevent the leaking of electromagnetic current that interferes with other electrical components.

Magnacore has a pretty good explanation, on the web, about how spark plug wires work. Their guarantee is that you don’t lose HP, and they prevent static.