Weight Savings Tips

Weight Savings

1. Removing all the glass from the car approx 200lbs savings
2. Custom carbon fiber doors save approx 100lbs
3. Custom carbon fiber rear hatch save approx 60lbs
4. Custom billet spindle assemblies save approx 40-50lbs off of the front suspension
5. Custom rear suspension arms save approx 40-50lbs
6. Get small fuel cell instead of factory gas tank save approx 10-14lbs
7. Remove AWS mechanisms and steering rack save approx 60lbs
8. Remove all sound deadening materials inside the car save approx 50-60lbs
9. Carbon fiber hood save 40lbs
10. Jack/spare tire save 30-40lbs
11. Front and rear bumper reinforcements and impact absorbers save 80lbs
12. Remove power seats in favor of manual race seats save 80lbs
13. Remove exhaust system and replace with a light single muffler system save 30-40lbs
14. Light weight wheels save 30-40lbs of rotational mass
15. Unorthodox UD pulley save 4lbs
16. Remove all unnecessary brackets under the hood (there are MANY of them) save 15-20lbs
17. Dyna Batt dry cell battery save 25lbs
18. Light weight flywheel. save 15lbs of rotational mass
19. Light weight lug nuts. save 1lb of rotational mass