See an autocross movie from inside the car


pca292201 Date:9-22-01

89.46+1 87.25 DNF 84.77 82.45
82.04 81.67 82.15 84.40

Notes:Porsche Club, First Time #23-I Improved my time by 8 seconds and learned a lot.I was only running 7lbs of boost.



87.05 86.09+2  84.62 82.52 76.33

77.46+1 76.30 +1 77.83  80.59

Notes: I was running 17lbs of boost with 101octane gas. On the second set .I would have had 3rd place if not for the cone hit on run six.

Autocrosspic3  Date:3-24-02
119.97 96.43 96.70 94.78 97.83 Notes: I was runing well but it was a small group. But I am very happy with 2nd place. I ran on 15lbs. We only made 5 runs
autocrosspic4  Date: 4-14-02

76.19 75.21 75.83

Notes: I was running very slow. It was a very crowded day. I got 12th out or 24. My oil pressure sensor was faulty and reading low. So I was chicken and took it easy. Here is Gus’s silver car. They listed him as Charley. 🙂